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10 Grams was inspired by Italian gastronomy and gave it a 3-star twist: each of the recipes contains black truffles, their specialty.


The concept is quite innovative. No one had thought of that yet. Building on the success of a first pop-up opened in Milan, it is at WOLF that the 10 Grams adventure continues and, recently, in a brand-new space at Châtelain in Ixelles.


Giorgio gives us a little lesson on truffles; There are three kinds: summer black, winter black and white. The black summer truffle has a milder taste than the winter one and can be used in just about anything, from pasta to ice cream. Stronger in flavor, the black winter truffle has a little taste of undergrowth and goes divinely with eggs, risottos and pasta, to (re)discover at WOLF.

IG: @10grams_brussels

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