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At Idea, we have imagined traditional recipes served as tacos. Costas and his chefs have developed a selection of open pittas in which we find surprising tastes. There is, for example, a pitta topped with spetsofai, a classic simmered dish of Greek cuisine.


Idea started at Wolf and, in three years, the brand has developed into three distinct entities, each with its specificities. The secret of their success is the attractiveness of each pitta that makes you want to bite into it with your mouth full. Costas created the greekamole while returning from a trip to Costa Rica. It is this recipe that has contributed to their fame. Renewing themselves and daring associations that are a priori impossible is their favorite pastime. And it works! Those who have tasted the mastelo skepasti sandwich, with grilled cheese and cinnamon pears, know why they come, come back and come back again.

IG: @ideagreekrestaurants

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