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In 1943, the architect Alfred Chambon began the extension of the construction of the CGER, Caisse d´Épargne et de Retraite, and its famous ticket office. Construction made very difficult by the swamps.


According to a legend, the wolves of the Sonian forest used to come to drink here in the 1900s, hence the name of the rue du Fossé aux Loups.


From real wolves to wolves of finance, WOLF today welcomes a pack in search of a new culinary experience.


The pack of those who want to live an experience where the authenticity and quality of the products, the passion of the craftsmen and the desire to eat differently are part of a true art of living.


WOLF is the first food market in Brussels. It is the sharing of honest and responsible cuisine, in an exceptional place for a total experience.


A maximum of the dismantled elements in the building were used to build WOLF. The signs of the different counters, as well as old desks, have been repurposed into lamps. Boxes of Val Saint Lambert glasses from the glass roof were found and transformed by Lionel Jadot in lamps for the main bar. The front panels of the marble counters become the shelves of the main bar, and the brass trim strips of these same counters, the toilets’ lamps. For the kiosks, no less than 700 foundry molds that were recovered to reconstruct a frieze, recalling the frieze in the entrance.



Lionel can be described as a designer, a mechanic, an interior architect… A maker and creator who transforms, reuses, reduces, recycles and gives new life to objects. Or simply gives objects an unexpected life. He is the daring designer that turned this old bank into WOLF.